What we know

know v. be aware of, have knowledge of, have experience of.

We know your place does not manage itself and we know that there is much to be done to ensure your investment in your place is maintained and the individual right of enjoyment of your home ensured.

We know that managing a property, such as your place, is the management of a complex business, requiring specific knowledge and skills, complying with statutory requirements, legislation and codes of practice, with considerable demands, effort and time.

We know that some properties are already under a form of management or are self-managed. However, we also know that the nature of this management is too often reliant on you, your effort and your time to deal with problems and manage other people’s homes who are also your neighbours.

We know itsyourplace Ltd will manage your property on your behalf allowing you to enjoy your place as your home.

That, quite simply, is our philosophy.